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From: Vincent Vincent
Subject: Fagboy & Fagdad, Part 1First, the disclaimers. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. The narrative that
follows did not happen to me or to anyone else I know. The characters in
the story, like myself, are all of legal age. Don't contact Me to meet
these slaves. DO contact Me if you want to become one of these slaves.
Also contact me with any praise, criticism, or suggestions. All
feedback is good.Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 1Alexi didn't hate queers. Really.Sure, faggots were sick freaks of nature. But that whole "choice" thing,
Alexi never much thought about it. Didn't much think about cocksuckers at
all. Until he was looking for a place to rent while taking classes at
community college. Alexi was looking for a place to rent. There was a guy
looking to lease a room in his apartment. It was cheap rent, near the
campus, and he seemed ok.That is, until Alexi woke up one night to find the homo on the floor in his
room, sniffing Alexi's freakin' shorts. Alexi immediately sat up In bed.
"What the fuck, dude? This shit isn't cool."The guy started stammering, "Oh, man, I'm so sorry. It's just that you're
so fucking hot. I couldn't sleep ....""Christ. I'm not queer, cocksucker.""I know. I'm sorry. It'll never happen again....""It better fucking not. Jesus, if you want to stroke to my sweaty
jockstraps," Alexi joked, "just ask to do my goddamn laundry!"And then the strangest thing happened."OK. Deal. Can I take care of your laundry as index of jpeg lolicon
long as you live here?
Please?"Alexi really didn't see that one coming. "Um, ok. Wash, dry, fold, hung
up. Every weekend?""Sure, man, thanks. God, thanks." And the cocksucker crawled out of the
room. Alexi suddenly realized fags could serve a real purpose. Every
night when Alexi stripped off his clothes for the day, he tossed them
across the hall into the faggot's room. And every Friday night, while
Alexi was out with friends or on a date, the bitch washed and dried his
clothes. When Alexi came home at night, everything was folded and put
away. The cumsucker even ironed Alexi's dress shirt when he wore one.After awhile, Alexi decided to test the waters a non nude links lolita little further."God, my room is fuckin' filthy. I really don't have time to clean it this
weekend." Alexi looked at his roommate and smiled, lifting an eyebrow in
suggestion."If I do all the housework for you, can I please massage your feet while
you study tonight?" Alexi chuckled and nodded in consent. Yeah, this was
going to work out just fine.Alexi played this game for awhile, letting his homo roommate get off on
massaging him in exchange for doing some favor for him: washing his car,
running some errands, anything he didn't want to bother with. Eventually
the faggot had to leave town for a new job. Alexi was actually sad to see
him go. But by then he'd learned that there were plenty of cocksuckers out
there who'd be happy to take his roommate's place.Alexi finished school realizing that although he was pretty smart, he was
more skilled with his hands than his brain. What he really enjoyed doing
was building homes. Not the grunt work of constructing a place from
scratch, but tearing apart what didn't work and making all the pieces fit
together better than they did before. He started working as a
subcontractor and eventually started his own contracting business. He
loved the metamorphosis of taking someone's busted-up home and turning it
into a great place to live. Good honest work.And Alexi loved getting homos to do the shit he didn't want to bother with.
It didn't happen all the time, but often enough that he became adept in the
art of faggot seduction. Alexi had a great talent for figuring out how a
person's mind worked, so seducing a faggot wasn't that hard. They fucking
wanted him and wanted to please him. All he had to do was make them think
it was their idea. And, Alexi later learned, fags definitely had the
advantage lola teen non nude over forbidden pre teen lolita
women when it came to sucking cock. He never touched the
homos, never wanted to, and they didn't seem to mind. Hell, most of them
seemed to enjoy it all the more just because he was straight.So, no. Alexi definitely didn't hate queers. Which was a good thing,
given this new prospective client: Tyler French. Alexi chuckled. The poor
guy's name might as well been Cocksucking Queer. Alexi was knocking on
Mr. Queer, er, Mr. French's door."Tyler French? I'm Alexi. You called about some work you wanted done?""Hey, just call me Ty. Come on in, Alexi."This French dude wasn't a flaming fag, thank God. But still, something
about him definitely whispered "cocksucker" to Alexi. Alexi guessed his
age to be late-30's, about a decade older than himself. Didn't much
matter; a cocksucker is a cocksucker."When my wife died a few years ago, I kept the house as it was, kinda like
in her memory. But my son and I, well, we figured it was time for us to
move on. I mean, it's a nice place, but it's no Taj Mahal. As much as I
miss her, this place shouldn't be a shrine to her." Ty's body and hands
were always a little too close to Alexi -- not touching, but suggesting a
touch, hungry to touch. Alexi wondered if the guy even knew how much he
wanted cock.They discussed details -- what walls needed to go, what each room's new
purpose was going to be, what rewiring and plumbing issues forbidden pre teen lolita could pop up,
what kind of pricing French was non nude links lolita
comfortable with. Alexi wrote up the specs
and handed them over to Tyler to sign. Their hands touched and Ty licked
his lips, clearly without even realizing it. Alexi kept the chuckle
inside. Yeah, this was going to be easy.The door to the garage opened and a kid, college age, walked in. Tyler
made the introductions. "Alexi, this is my son, Ryan; Ryan, this is Alexi,
the contractor who's going to fix up the place."Alexi extended his hand to shake. Ryan smiled, "Nice to meet you, Sir."
His eyes locked on to Alexi as they shook and Alexi felt the kid's thumb
subtly slide back and forth across his index finger. Jesus. Two of them.
Alexi was willing to bet neither one knew about the other's desire. Just
another measure of a society where fags lived ashamed of what they were.Alexi left the place realizing he'd just hit a fucking jackpot in some
twisted Cocksucker Lotto. Father and son faggots, both hungry for his
flesh. Yes, this was going to work out just fine. Alexi just needed a
plan. As a contractor, he knew the necessity of a good plan in getting
good results.

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